Into the 21st century

Well, after years of being neuvo-savy to computer technology (knowing just enough to get you into trouble) I have been initiated into the world of blogging. Thanks to my wonderful wife and children (I'll get you for this) and to a very nice woman my wife knows whom I have never met, I am starting my own cooking blog.
It all started when my wife Henrie introduced me to the web site of a friend of hers named Tina. Tina had started a blog called Mommy's Kitchen in which she put forth both old and new family recipes in a very easy to understand and concise way. It is very obvious right from the start that Tina not only has a tremendous love of family but also a tremendous love of cooking. I have always felt that these go hand in hand.
I have tried my hand at many different recipes and methods of cooking. Several have turned out beautifully, however others have....shall I say....simply not made the cut (this is where the love of family comes in, they have to love you to grit their teeth and suffer through some of the more "exotic" recipes). However , over time you find yourself gravitating to a certain comfort zone. To me its GRILLING and SMOKING. There is nothing like being outside with a rack of juicy Ribs, Brisket, Pork Shoulder, Chicken Wings or just your usual Burgers and Dogs cooking away on a smokin grill. Be sure to check out the archives on the left side to see how we're doing.
So, now we dive into the techno world of Blogging and talk about the ancient art of cooking.......Grilling and Smoking......aahhh, I can now die a happy man.