Hints, Tips and Recommendations

Tips and Hints
  • If you cook at all with poultry, invest in a GOOD pair of poultry shears. The blades AND handles should be all stainless steel with rubber coated grips. If you can find a pair that come apart into two halves it makes them much easier to clean. They should be large enough to handle something as big as a Turkey yet be comfortable to operate. DO NOT buy a pair with stainless blades and plastic grips...they will not last 5 minutes.....believe me I know. One place you can generally find a good rugged pair is at a sporting goods store with a good hunting / fishing section, such as Academy, Bass Pro etc. Or online.
  • PEALING PEACHES: If you need to peal peaches or any other soft skinned fruit, simply boil a pot of water. Set another pot containing ICE water next to it. Blanche your peach by putting it into the boiling water for about 30 seconds, remove and immediatly place it in the ice bath. After about a minute the skin will slide right off.

Things I would recommend.

  • The Ove Glove - This is really a great product. My daughter bought me a pair for Christmas. They are a little pricey (about $15 each) but well worth it. I use them around the stove and out at the grill. A couple tips.....they are washable, but be sure to allow them to dry thourghly before using, also don't try moving a smoldering log with them (ouch)...they are heat resistant NOT fireproof.