Smoked Beef Brisket

My buddy Jeremy came across some nice Briskets at H.E.B. the other day and was able to snag me a 10 pounder. After a little bit of extra trimming, I coated it real well with a dry rub, wrapped it in plastic and refrigerated it for about 36 hours. Saturday was such a nice day.....perfect for a smoke. Fired up the smoker at about 10am and stoked it with Hickory. Put the meat on about 11am. Then went inside and made up a good, basic beer mop. Except this time I added about 2 tsp each of ground dried Ancho and Arbol Chilies. The Ancho is a sweeter milder chile, while the Arbol is a little hotter. About 3:30pm, I wrapped the meat in aluminum foil and placed it back on the smoker for a couple more hours. When it was done it was perfect. Very nice smoke ring, nice hint of the chilies and still very moist. Can't wait to do another one.
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