Alas De Pollo Marinadas (Marinated Chicken Wings) and Costillas Marinadas (Marinated Beef Short Ribs)

Had some unexpected company last night. So I had to prepare something on the fly. On the way home I stopped by the local "La Michoacana Meat Market" and picked up a couple pounds of "Alas De Pollo Marinadas" (Marinated Chicken Wings) and a couple of pounds of "Costillas Marinadas" (Marinated Beef Short Ribs). Instead of the ribs being cut lengthwise, these are cut about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick ACROSS the ribs so that each cut of meat has 3-4 small "riblet" bones.
Once they are placed on the grill, stay close, since it really doesn't take them long to cook. When you turn them for the first time be prepared for some flareup depending on the amount of fat on each piece. While cooking I also sprinkled on a course ground steak seasoning, but that was all.

As for the wings, the only additional seasoning that I applied was some Lemon Pepper. I put the wings on a little earlier then the Costillas since they took a little longer to cook.

Everything turned out perfect and there were very few leftovers, which is either a sign that the food was good or you just didn't buy enough (and I ALWAYS buy more then enough).

Since my Daughter and her boyfriend weren't in the mood for either the wings or the ribs, they opted to buy a couple of very nice strip steaks, garlic mashed potato's and my Daughters specialty...Bacon Wrapped Green Beans. You never want to over season steaks since you want that nice beef flavor to stand out, so we simply added kosher salt, ground pepper and a little of the ground steak seasoning..........Nothing was left of those.

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