Texas BBQ Party

This week we had a few people over including "Tina" who has a blog called "Mommy's Kitchen" which is very popular with many "Mom's" and viewed by quite a few of us "Men Folk". Feeling that the pressure was on, I wanted to have a traditional Texas BBQ. Subsequently, I decided on; A Raclette Cheese appetizer, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Quintet Beans, Coleslaw, a Corn and Tomato summer salad and finished off with a nice warm Texas Peach Cobbler.
I served the pulled pork "dry" with two different kinds of BBQ sauce on the side. One, which I call my "Bear Sauce", was a recipe passed down from my father and is a vinegar based sauce which provides a little bit of a "zing" to the taste buds. The other is one of my favorite store bought brands; Jack Daniels - Hickory Brown Sugar. The Peach Cobbler was a traditional Texas Peach Cobbler, served with French Vanilla Ice Cream.