Shooters and Pigs

Here it is Saturday, the girls are gone and its just me, my son and the Ranger Baseball game. How cool is that. Decided I needed some "Stadium Food" that we could graze on during the game. Two easy choices came to mind; Texas Shooters and Pigs (or should I say Cows) in a Blanket.
Although Pigs in a Blanket were originally made using pork sausage, very often they are now made with smoked beef sausage. Both of these "Shooters" can be made prior to the big game and kept warm for pretty much the duration of the game. So satisfying those hankerings anytime during the 3 hour telecast shouldn't be a problem. Click on the following links to get to the recipes for both these.

And while we are on the subject of Shooters, lets look at where they came from.
Shooters are a variation of the original all time favorite.....Sliders, which were introduced to us in the early 1900's.