Pizza and Lasagna

I have finally decided that I have a problem....I am a smokaholic, a grill junkie.... whatever you want to call it. I want to cook almost everything on the grill. I know what your saying, "its time for an intervention". Well you may be right, but lets hold off until after the holidays.
Today I decided to have a nice simple Italian meal. One with plenty of carbs (why not, its the weekend). So we had lasagna and believe it or not, pizza. Although I really wanted to do the lasagna on the grill, I opted to make it in advance and heat it in the oven, thus leaving the grill for the pizza.
The lasagna is very simple to make and can be prepared days in advance and simply heated when you are ready for it.
Now, I am the first to admit that I live by the KISS principle, which my Dad instilled in me at a young age.....Keep It Simple Stupid. If there is a way to do something easier and shorter AND it doesn't deter from a positive outcome, then I am all for it. Because of this I decided to try an "Oven Ready" lasagna made by Skinner. No need to boil the pasta ahead of time, simply use it straight out of the box. After a little apprehension and disbelief, I was really surprised that it came out just fine.
As for the Pizza, I have definitely found that NO pizza chains pizza can hold a candle to homemade pizza on the grill. Not only is it MUCH better tasting but it is a whole lot cheaper. Seems like a no brainer to me. Although there are several sources for pizza dough; refrigerated dough, dough made from scratch or even bought from a pizza shop, I would stay away from the ready made crusts. Now that's just a personal opinion. If you live in the Dallas area, there is a great little Italian grocery store in East Dallas by the name of Jimmy's Food Store. Besides getting just about anything Italian in the way of meats, cheeses or ravioli, they also sell 20oz balls of pizza dough for $2. Each of these balls is good for two 12"-14" pizzas and can be stored in the freezer for weeks when properly wrapped.
I have also found that everyone should have a basil plant. I bought one this spring and it has tripled in size. I now have an endless supply of "FRESH" basil. Next I am getting some Thyme and Rosemary. Fresh herbs on a pizza really do improve the flavor.